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TICA Voluntary Code Of Ethics

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I am a member in good standing of The International Cat Association, Inc. (TICA) and have a TICA-registered cattery.

  I will breed discriminately, and only if I can find appropriate homes for my kittens.

  I will place kittens only in homes that I believe will provide a life-long commitment of love, appreciation, and responsible care.

  Any kitten or cat sold as a pet/companion will be sold under the following conditions:

1. I will guarantee that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of sale.

2. I will urge the purchaser to have the kitten/cat examined by the purchaser's own veterinarian within a few days of purchase to confirm its good health.

3. I will explain to the purchaser the dangers of an outdoor environment.

4. I will provide a written sales agreement that describes all the terms of the sale. I will abide by my own sales agreement.

5. I will make every effort to spay/neuter every kitten/cat prior to leaving Breeder. If this should not be possible, I will require that the kitten be spayed or neutered no later than 12 months of age and not be allowed to produce any offspring. I will provide the TICA registration certificate and/or pedigree for the kitten/cat only after I have received
written evidence from a licensed veterinarian that the kitten/cat has been altered.

6. I will not release a kitten until it has been inoculated at least twice against the following: Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, and Calicivirus. I also may choose to give other vaccinations.

**If you would like to see our signed document, please ask.**

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