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Bengal information

    The Bengal kittens that you will get from TBL: The Beautiful Leopard are SBT; which is stud book traditional. This means that they are domesticated cats with around an estimated 10% of wild blood. A SBT Bengal represents at least four generations (G4) or more of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, and thus will be no less than four generations removed from wild blood. The SBT Bengal is considered to be a fully domestic cat. They are legal to own in MOST but NOT ALL locations.  For example, it is illegal to keep ANY generation of Bengal in New York City, Hawaii, Connecticut, Seattle. There are requirements in Alaska, Delaware, Denver, Georgia, Iowa and Massachusetts. I have provided a link below with some information about states, cities and countries that have bans/requirements on our breed. please make sure to do your research. I will not sell any of my cats to a person if they live in an area where it may be illegal for them to own a Bengal. If it is found that you are lying about where you live, you will be found in breach of the contract.
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