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Cost of kittens

Like every reputable, responsible, ethical breeder we breed for our love of the breed. We breed to improve the Bengal breed and we breed to improve the TICA/CFA standard. The costs of our kittens will always be transparent for our families. Since we are new to breeding and only offer pet kittens at this time and do not ship; our price is comparable to other breeders around us in Arizona. The forms of payment that we take are: Cash, Check, Zelle and Venmo. Your kitten will not be released to you until all payments are paid in full and have cleared. 

I will try my best to send picture updates, but please do remember I am a mom, and I do work full-time. 

 What you get with your kitten(s) is:

    *Kitten *Kitten lifetime guidance/support * Spay/Neuter *Shots *Worming* Microchip * TICA/CFA Papers * blanket with mom's scent * baggy of food * Bed *Stuffed animal* Bowl * Kitten toy gift bag * carrier *Litter box & scooper.

Also we are a closed cattery, which means we do not bring in rescues, stray cats and/or non-health tested/vaccinated cats into our house. We do not allow our female(s) to be bred with males outside our cattery and we do not offer stud services. When you visit, (you can only visit once you've made a deposit and after the kittens are 8 weeks of age ) You must not have gone to any other cattery before ours, you MUST either wear shoe booties or take your shoes off and sanitize your hands. We do this for many reasons and the most important one is for the health and safety of our cats/kittens. I do not allow unsolicited visits. We also have security camera's all around our home inside and out.

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