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                                                                                                     Purchase Contract

                                                                                          TICA Registered Cat or Kitten Sales Contract


This contract is between TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals, hereafter called Breeder, and




Cell: (           ) ________________________

Cell #2:(           )__________________________,

hereafter called purchaser, concerning ______________________________________________ described below:







BIRTHDATE:______________ SEX:_________

REG. NO: __________________________

SOLD AS: PET:______ SPAYED:______ NEUTERED:______

TOTAL PRICE: $______________: DEPOSIT: $____________ (Non- Refundable)

BALANCE DUE: $_________________________

Final payment to be made by __________________________________________________________________.


1). Breeder guarantees at the time this kitten/cat is sold it is under the care of a licensed veterinarian and it is found to be in good health and free of parasites and worms. Kitten will come with last vet check paperwork/ certificate of health.  

2). Breeder guarantees that the cat listed above is a purebred BENGAL Cat, with an accurate pedigree, and is eligible for registration in either or both; The International Cat Association (TICA) and/or Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

3). Breeder further guarantees that this animal is negative for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and worms/parasites at the time of leaving the cattery and is in good health. The kitten/cat has been vaccinated at least twice against feline upper respiratory diseases (feline herpes/feline viral Rhinotracheitis/ FVR) and free of internal parasites.

(There is no guarantee for kittens or cats when tested for Coronavirus as the test is not specific to a single Coronavirus. There is no guarantee if the purchaser uses the FIP vaccine, as FIP may be potentiated by such.)

4). This kitten is guaranteed for 2 years against a GENETIC problem so severe that it prevents the animal from living a normal life, i.e. HCM, Upon receiving written proof of a diagnosis of HCM by a certified Veterinary Cardiologist, the Purchaser may keep the original cat with no refund and have some of the vet bills paid for up to the deposit cost ($500.00) or request a refund minus the deposit and return the kitten to the breeder before a refund will be made. Breeder is not responsible for any vet bills incurred. Purchaser must provide a death certificate and necropsy results issued by a veterinarian in the event of a death in order to qualify for a replacement kitten. A refund may be issued minus the deposit if requested. If this kitten/cat has been found to have a life-threatening problem, untreatable disease or birth defect, purchaser must notify breeder with a veterinarian certification in writing of exact nature of defect. Under no circumstances may this kitten/cat be euthanized if a condition is treatable or without permission from breeder. If kitten/cat dies during treatment or suddenly, replacement/refund (minus deposit) will only be made after a veterinarian has certified that the exact cause of death was related to an untreatable disease or birth defect. A necropsy (paid for by purchaser) is to be done by a licensed vet to verify cause of death or the guarantee is void. The kitten/cat will be replaced if our veterinarian finds this kitten/cat to have a deadly congenital health defect. These results must be surrendered to us for our vet to view.

5). If, during the initial veterinarian visit (within 168 hours/7 days of receipt), a diagnosis of disease other than stress-induced minor upper respiratory infection is made, purchaser agrees to provide a written report, signed by the examining licensed veterinarian, including the diagnosis and all test results the diagnosis is based on. If purchaser fails to have kitten/cat checked by their vet within the 168-hour/7 days period it will void the health guarantee.

The Breeder has the right to request a second opinion from a Veterinarian of the Breeders choice, at the Breeders expense. Upon confirmation the Breeder is obligated to pay for the treatment of the diagnosed illness, up to $500.00. The purchaser may, at her/his option and within five days of the veterinary diagnosis elect to either a) Keep said kitten, and get no refund b) Cancel this contract and return the said kitten/cat and be refunded the purchase price minus the deposit, or c) Return the said kitten/cat and accept a replacement animal, when available and get no refund. The Breeder may, at her/his option and within the same five-day period, elect to cancel this contract and have the kitten/cat returned and refund the purchase price minus the deposit to the purchaser. All costs associated with shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

6). If Kitten/cat is being sold as a Breeder prove to be sterile from congenital or hereditary conditions, the Breeder has the option of offering to the purchaser: a) upon altering of the original cat, replacement with the next available equal quality cat or kitten; or b) refund the difference between Breeder and Alter price. Breeder-Alter price is $           .         . (Sterility caused by an infectious agent is not covered by any guarantee.)

7). There is no refund or replacement given if this cat is successfully bred before having a positive HCM result from a Board-Certified Veterinarian Cardiologist.

8.) Breeder has full discretion as to whom they sell to. Breeder may deny any purchaser at any time for any reason.   

9.) If Purchaser is unable to take care of kitten/cat and TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals is able to take said kitten/cat back there will be a refund at the breeders (TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals) discretion.  



Please initial if in agreement,

_______1).This kitten/cat is being purchased as a pet, it may not be resold into a new home unless written permission is given, and new home/customer is approved by TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals and a TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals  contract is signed by new owner. TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals is to be offered first right of refusal, if refused the cat shall be placed into a selective pet home. Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat ever be sold or given away to any other person, wholesaler/s, retailer/s, be donated for a raffle, abandoned or be placed in any shelter, refuge, pound, pet shop, research laboratory, humane/shelter organization or any type facility or offered/listed on Facebook, Instagram, craigslist, etc. Ownership shall immediately revert to the breeder (TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals) in the event the purchaser is unwilling or unable to care for the pet. All TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals kitten/cat shall be microchipped by breeder and purchaser agrees to keep breeder as the first contact person with microchip company, it shall not be changed without written consent, and a separate contract will be signed.

______1a.) If Purchaser is unable to take care of kitten/cat and TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals is able to take said kitten/cat back there will be a refund at the breeders (TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals) discretion.  

______2). Purchaser agrees to have the kitten/cat examined by their Veterinarian within 72 hours (3 days) of purchase and agrees to give breeder access to all vet records and advise the Breeder of the results of the exam. Being mindful that the stress induced in an animal when going to a new home may cause symptoms of illness, including minor upper respiratory infection, to appear in otherwise healthy animals.

______3). Purchaser promises and warrants that this cat will be an INDOOR animal only, not allowed to roam freely outside. This animal WILL NOT BE MUTILATED/DECLAWED, which includes Tendonectomy and Ventriculocordectomy (any mutilation/declawing voids any and all health guarantees) and kitten/cat will not be confined to a cage for extended periods of time.

______3a). Failure to comply with number 1, 1a, 2 and 3 will result in the voiding of any and all health guarantees on this kitten/cat. If we find that any TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals kitten/cat to have been “rehomed”, the microchip contact changed without permission, not vetted and/or mutilated/declawed as said above in number 1, 1a, 2 and 3 legal action will be taken and/or Purchaser agrees to pay $3,000 in fines as for a breach in contract. If Purchaser fails to pay, they will pay the $3,000 in fines plus all Court costs and Attorney’s fees. The kitten/cat will automatically be forfeited back to breeder if any of these conditions are broken for a breach in contract.

_______ please initial here that you understand what a “breach in contract” means and that TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals (Michelle O’Berry) has explained it to you.

______4). If at any time this kitten/cat is found to be ill, malnourished, abused, neglected, or loose unattended outdoors, Purchaser will surrender said cat to the Breeder unconditionally, with no refund of purchase price.      


______5). If this kitten/cat is purchased for breeding, Purchaser warrants that it will be bred ONLY to another REGISTERED Bengal Cat. Any offspring resulting from ANY mating to other than a registered purebred Bengal with breeding rights, shall not be eligible for registration, and shall be given away to good homes, and not sold as Bengal Cats or half/mixed Bengal cats and only labeled as domesticated shorthaired cats.

______6). This kitten/cat will not be euthanized for any reason other than a veterinary deemed emergency without Purchasers contacting the breeder FIRST.

______7). This kitten/cat will not be sold or given away "intact" without the Breeders express written permission. With another contract being signed.

______8). If this Kitten/cat is sold to a multi-cat and/or Pet, Breeder home, the kitten/cat must be isolated (kept in a separate room with a closed door i.e bathroom, bedroom, etc) for a period of 14 days (2 weeks) in order for the health guarantee to be valid. If this is disregarded in any way by Purchaser and kitten/cat is not isolated and contracts any illness, has any behavioral problems that cannot be fixed and/or gets hurt the health guarantee will be null and void.

______9). If the kitten/cat is to be shipped by air, or transported courier all costs of transportation, including Rabies vaccination & USDA Health Certificate, for shipment, shall be paid by the Purchaser. Breeder is not responsible for airline or courier costs or errors, including handling.

________10). If Purchaser moves, Purchaser is/are responsible for updating home address, phone numbers and email addresses on file with us/breeder (TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals).

______11). Administration of the FeLV, FIV and FIP vaccinations will immediately render this contract null and void as far as the health guarantee. These vaccines have been known to cause health issues such as seizures, sluggish behavior, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, collapsing. Your kitten will have already received two rounds of core vaccinations and deworming medication. Kittens are correctly vaccinated at 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age.

Vaccines that Kittens need:

FVRCP (feline distemper/feline Panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and caliciviris)- will be given first and second round before going home. Purchaser will need to get the third set. 

RABIES- cannot be given until 16 weeks of age. This will be the responsibility of new owner.

Vaccines that kittens don’t need:




Dermatophytosis (ringworm)

Yellow fever



Breeder is not liable for errors and/or mishandling on the part of the Purchaser.

MEDICAL: This kitten/cat has been vaccinated against Panleukopenia, (feline distemper). Rhinotracheitis (feline herpes/upper respiratory infection). Calicivirus (upper respiratory infection).

Vaccines were given on :_______________ and _______________. Brand used:


Dewormed on:_________________________________

Brand used:______________________________________________________________________________

This Kitten/Cat was Spayed/Neutered on: ________________________



It is recommended that a rabies vaccine be given between 6 & 8 months. Please DO NOT give multiple vaccines to your cat on the same day. Vaccinating for FIP is not recommended at this time.

________1). All sales are final after 48 hours. Refund or replacement is at the Breeders discretion.

________2). Purchaser and Breeder agrees that this contract will be bound by the laws of the State of Arizona, and any dispute regarding this contract will be settled in an Arizona court. Purchaser agrees that if there should be legal action in regard to this cat/kitten, the Purchaser will be responsible for all legal fees, including breeder's attorney cost, interest and cost of action plus pay the breeder $3,000. All legal action must be held in the breeder's current city and state.

__________3). This contract shall be deemed a legal binding document between the two parties (purchaser & breeder) regardless of signature once kitten is purchased and all rights and guarantees are NOT transferable (unless purchaser dies). Purchaser is also aware that all proceedings, including disputes, with TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals are to remain between Purchaser and Breeder (will not be posted on any social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, etc).

_______4). In an attempt to ensure all lines continue to be healthy and to help the progress of genetic testing in Bengals, TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals  (breeder) retains the right to request HCM Screening on said cat at any time during its life.  Purchaser is responsible for bringing said cat or allowing TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals to bring said cat to a board-certified cardiologist for testing at breeders (TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals) expense. Results and DNA sample may be submitted for research. It is recommended that Purchaser screens this cat yearly for HCM.

By the Purchaser (s) signing below, the Purchaser is stating that he or she has read, understands, and agrees with the conditions and terms within this contract. A $500 (Five hundred dollar) deposit is required to hold any cat/kitten and is non-refundable if the Purchaser (s) decides, at any time, not to purchase this cat/kitten. Deposits are not transferable to any other kitten after the kitten turns 8 weeks old unless there is another available kitten in the same litter. The deposit amount will immediately be deducted from the balance due.


BREEDER (s) :_____________________________________________

Date: ____________________

BREEDERS E-mail Address:___________________________________________________________

BREEDERS PHONE NUMBER:________________________________________________________

PURCHASER (s) :________________________________________________

Date: ____________________

PURCHASER E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________

PURCHASER’S PHONE NUMBER:____________________________________________________

If this contract is breached for any reason at any time by the Purchaser; the Purchaser is required to return cat/kitten to TBL-Thin Blue Line Bengals  immediately at Purchaser 's expense. Breeder is also able to bring legal action against Purchaser if any part of this contract is breached and kitten is not returned to breeder. Purchaser must pay breeder the amount of $3,000/ and/or $3,000 plus Attorney’s fees and Court costs.

There are no other conditions or guarantee’s, verbal or implied. No verbal deviations or additions are valid. No other warranties or guarantees are provided other than those specifically outlined in this contract. All prior agreements, representations, and warranties, expressed or implied, oral or written, with respect to the subject matter hereof, are hereby superseded by this contract. The physical destruction or loss of this document shall not be construed as a modification or termination of the agreement contained herein.