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TBL BENGALS: The Beautiful Leopard Bengals

Welcome to TBL: The Beautiful Leopard Bengal cattery. We are in the east valley of Arizona, about an hour away from Phoenix, Arizona. We health test for pra-b (progressive retinal atrophy-which causes autosomal recessive blindness) pk-def (pyruvate kinase deficiency- which can cause anemia and other blood related issues) and hcm screen (hcm is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). We are a new cattery but have been apart of the bengal community for over 7 years. We are  a hobby breeder in Arizona and only have a couple litters a year, which allows us  to customize our  time and give each kitten the time they need to grow into amazing pets. We  have an outdoor enclosure to house  both our  males and females separately so  we  don't have any accidental  litters. Our cats are also indoors and fully supervised.    
       You will be asked to fill out a kitten questionnaire, this is routine for everyone. please do not get upset with the questions that I ask of you, these are just my standard upfront questions aside from my kitten questionnaire. I  have a very rigorous application and approval process, I do not sell my kittens to just anymore. If you do not like answering my questions, my kitten(s) are not for you. I do not sell breeders, and ALL of my kittens are spayed and neutered, period. 

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 At The Beautiful Leopard Bengals we strive to breed for health, temperament and appearance. We breed towards the CFA/TICA Bengal standard, and only have a couple litters a year. We breed for the small rounded ears, big round eyes and beautiful markings. We are new to the breeding world but not to the Bengal breed. All of our Bengals are health tested and come with a health guarantee. They are fully vet checked, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. We health test for HCM (hypertrophy cardiomyopathy) a known heart disease in Bengals. We also test for PRA-b and PK Deficiency and FIV and FELV. Our cats are registered with TICA and/or CFA and The Beautiful Leopard Bengals is also a dual registered cattery of CFA AND TICA. We are one of the few Bengal breeders in Arizona that follow TICA/CFA standards and have also signed the TICA code of ethics. 
     We have taken the time to research, plan and get our cattery set up in the most healthiest way possible. The breeders that our breeding cats have come from are reputable, highly respected and responsible Bengal breeders, from within Arizona and the USA. They all come from TICA/CFA registered catteries, and are from health tested parents. 
     Our cats live in the house with our family, so they get use to everyday household noises from an early age. Our babies are handled daily. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask. We will deliver in Arizona, Southern Nevada, southern Utah, eastern New Mexico and southern California. We do not ship at this time. 

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our kittens/cats or if you have any questions. our contact information is below.

E. Signal Butte Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(480) 560-9558

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